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This is a resource for the DIY enthusiast. Most of the designs are for popular full-range drivers.

Many of these drawings are done by me, using VectorWorks on a Macintosh. PDFs or large gifs are provided here, CAD files available on request. Custon design & drawing services are also available. Mail Me.


  • Fostex/Vintage Foster
    Fostex is a subsidury of ome of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world, Foster, and their drivers have been widely available for a long time, so there are lots of designs

  • Mark Audio
    Mark Audio is a relative upstart as a speaker manufacturer -- Mark Fenlon has married attention to detail as an engineer in the petro-chemical industry & an extended apprenticeship under the tutelege of Ted Jordan, has quickly established a line of drivers with fantastic price/performance

  • Creative Sound Solutions
    Bob doesn't actually design drivers but has commissioned significant designs & drivers from the likes of Dan Wiggins & Mark Fenlon. These include some significant FRs, some amazing subwoofers, and now some excellent multi-way drivers

  • Other
    A place for drivers from makers other than the above 3



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